Tibetaanse Spaniel  Tibetan Spaniel
Buster de Koggen

We are two sisters, Sandra & Maria, who are Dedicated To ... Tibetan Spaniels. We are living in a little village, named: Nieuw Amsterdam, not far from the German border. It's in the northeast of the Netherlands.


We are a small hobby breeder of Tibetan Spaniels. All our tibbies are living like family members in the house and love to lay down on the sofa and watch TV. In the end of the year 2000 we bought our first Tibetan Spaniel. His name is Buster de Koggen (Dutch & Luxembourg Champion). His breeder is Joke Hollebeek-Kok. With him our dedication has started for Tibbies.


After a few years only to have showed with our tibbie males we had gained the necessary experience of the breed and what type of tibbie we loved. In the year 2003 we decided to start breeding as a hobby next to our jobs, to give our contribution to this splendid breed and we applied for our prefix. In the year 2005 we bred our first litter.

Under the device "We have a dream..." we try to breed healthy and breed typical tibbies with a social and sweet character and this in all colours. For us it is important to have a wide foundation of blood lines from foreign countries. We search always for interesting blood lines with a variety of colours and with sound quality of tibbies and ofcourse with excellent health.


We try to go alot abroad during our holidays for showing and to meet other breederfriends, it is a great opportunity to share experiences and to learn more about the tibbies abroad.


Our first Scandinavian import is our Multi Champion male, P'zazz Shylo from Sweden. Our first girl that we import is Dutch Champion Chrystal Mountain Esperanza, our splendid Black & Tan girl from Finland. They have retired and are living together and are the most wonderful petdogs in the world!


From the second litter with CH. Chrystal Mountain Esperanza with sire Multi CH. P'zazz Shylo from Sweden we kept a boy named; Dedicated To Just Living My Life "Jamy". Our Jamy is a star in the showring and he is just like his daddy Multi Champion and on the age of 3 years old he is the most winning tibbie in the Netherlands & Germany for the years 2007, 2008 & 2009.

Our team have gained the number 1 Topwinning tibbies in Netherlands in the years 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 :-)

Tibetaanse Spaniels, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibet Spaniel
Multi CH. Samalyn English Maid, son Bristow & granddaughter Gemma

In 2007 we got the possibility to get a tibbie-girl from Great Britain her name is Multi CH Samalyn English Maid of breeder Mrs. Lena Simpson. Her breeding lines were totally new for us and she has outstanding parents and tibbies in her lines, we are very grateful to own this splendid girl. Her first litter got the name Remember and from her second litter we kept a boy that is did great in the showring our Multi CH. Dedicated To Memories of a Lifetime...most winning tibbie for many years and gained multi BIG & BIS-placement wins.


We have to say thank you to our friend breeders that borrow us their outstanding males for showing and for the chance to work with several pedigree's and to breed with lovely temperaments and types in our breeding programm.


We show our Tibbies because it is excellent for the reputation of the breed and ofcourse because we are proud on our beautiful tibbies, showing have already produces a lot of outstanding show results! Also our own bred tibbies are receiving outstanding results at the shows in our country and also abroad. But only champion titles say nothing concerning health and the character of a dog.

Tibetaanse Spaniels, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibet Spaniel
Dedicated To Kim-Joy, Poppy & Melda

For us health stands before titles or colors. Most important for us is to breed with tibbies that are having an excellent health in body & mind. We think it is very important to test before breeding on the eye-diseases by ECVO-testing; PRA/CATARACT /LL/Entropion and to test on the knees for the disease Patella Luxation.


Our prefix "Dedicated To..." say enough of how we think concerning our dogs! Under this prefix we do our best to breed healthy and lovely Tibbies. In the year 2005 Sandra have gained a special training for Breeding. Sandra has received her diploma “Kynologic Knowledge 1” (KK-1) and we breed under the rules put by the Dutch Kennelclub (Raad van Beheer member of the FCI).


We are an active member of the Dutch Pekingese & Miniature Spaniel Club. This means that we are breeding on their breed regulations. All our Tibbies that we use for breeding have been showed with excellent results and have healthy eyes and knees. We love to breed our tibbies in all colours so every litter is a surprise :-). We are also member of some tibbie clubs abroad.


Hopefully we have given you an impression of our opinion and goals for breeding. When you have questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact us, you are welcome to send us an e-mail or contact us by phone.


Sandra & Maria


Phone: 0031-591 55 50 35

Team Dedicated To January 2024
Team Dedicated To January 2024
Tibetaanse Spaniel Tibetan Spaniel Tibet Spaniel
Teddy, Whoopie, Poppy, Melda winning WoW Breederscompetition 2023
Dedicated To Team Blond; Poppy, Bristow & Robby.
Dedicated To Team Blond; Poppy, Bristow & Robby.
Tibetaanse Spaniels, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibet Spaniel
Team Dedicated To waiting for diner...
Tibetaanse Spaniel  Tibetan Spaniel Tibet Spaniel Puppy's
Puppy Bluebell & Gemma
Tibetaanse Spaniels, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibet Spaniel
Bristow & Nessa having fun